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“Atiqur has been a tremendous partner in the expansion of our digital marketing efforts at Good Wave. Growing from a small retail shop, we are now building out our second market in Australia and onward towards the UK & Europe. I value his skill, work ethic, and communication.“

Brad Harris, Founder of Good Wave

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I used to work on multiple platforms as an advertising expert, Facebook & Google are now my sole focus.

There are few or no others in my industry that serve or work with the same level of specialization, so I have a competitive advantage over most other experts. This allows me to provide industry-leading ROI for my clients.

I have been in the SEO game for well over 3 years, over that time I have helped HUNDREDS of small, medium, and large businesses like yours to leverage organic google rankings to their advantage. I have managed millions in monthly ad spend budgets while working with small to Fortune 100 companies. Google Ads is the starting point for potential customers when searching for Google. When a business has a great product or service with a poorly run campaign, a solution is needed to turn this around. That’s where I come in. I have been working as a digital marketing expert for over 5 years now.

“The Paid Search And Paid Social expert Chosen By Over 100 Companies. Get ready to finally understand your digital marketing ROI like never before.”

Industry :Private Flying School : (average service piece)$25,000-1,20,000

Leads: 31,100
Ad Spend: $4.76M
Cost per lead: $153

Industry : Roofing (average service piece is $8000-$15,000)

Leads: 4,105
Ad Spend: $38,203.06
Cost per lead: $9.31

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